We are a fully equipped manufacturing facility. We are able to perform welding, metal fabrication, flame cutting, turning, milling, and ag repairs. Our goal is to build quality equipment with quality workmanship.

Quality workmanship

Hay Runners

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•   Hay Rakes

•   Hay Rake Caddies

•   Flex Tine Harrow Drawbars

•   Flex Tine Harrow Carts

•   3 Point Harrow Lifts

•   Soil Pulverizers

•   Core Aerators

•   Utility Packers

•   Poly Inserts for Rake Wheels

•   Strap winders

Our product line includes:


Our Harrow 3 Point Lifts come in 3 different sizes to provide you with a wide range of lift options. With varying sizes of lifts we're sure to have a lift to fit your needs. They offer easy set up and easily disconnect. View our large selection of lifts today.

Quality equipment options

3 Point Lifts

Convenient location

We were founded in 1986 and are conveniently located in east central Illinois. Our location makes us the excellent choice for making shipments of any size to anywhere in the country.

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